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If you face divorce or any family law issue, the lawyer you select to represent you will not only affect the outcome; he or she will also impact the amount of stress that comes with it, the uncertainty involved, and the cost of resolving your matter. It is important to select an attorney who you feel comfortable working with, one who will take the time to understand your situation as well as your goals.

I am Rebecca E. Rogers, an experienced family law attorney who assists clients with the full range of family law issues. I have offices in Lynnfield and North Reading, and I work with clients throughout Essex and Middlesex counties, as well as the surrounding counties. I represent clients who are ending a relationship as well as individuals who want to modify existing court orders or need to address any of a number of issues that develop after a marriage or nonmarital relationship has ended.

I have practiced law since 2003 and have focused on family law during my career. My attention is not divided between multiple practice areas. That is important when it comes to staying abreast of evolving Massachusetts case law and statutes.

Personal Attention And Positive Results

I know the emotional toll that resolving issues such as child custody and property division can exact. By taking the time upfront to review my clients' situations thoroughly and understand their objectives, I am able to help them gain a clearer perspective on the process and the possible outcomes.

Many family law matters put individuals on a new course in life. I work closely with my clients to help shape what that will look like for the long term. Are you concerned about your continued role as a parent? Do you wish to stay in an existing family home? Are you worried about finances? Do you own a business together? Do you have complex investments that will need to be divided? I will help you address every issue calmly and with candor in order to help all parties involved set realistic expectations.

Sometimes, clients are nervous about litigation and the tension that comes with legal battles. Often, they are pleased to discover that a number of issues, if not all of them, can be resolved through negotiation and compromise. If a fair proposal is not on the table, however, I have extensive trial experience. I understand how to prepare a strong case and effectively present the case in court.

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I welcome the opportunity to review your legal situation, answer your questions, and recommend an effective course of action during a free consultation. Call 978-957-7300 or use the online contact form on this website to schedule a meeting.