Protecting Your Interests In High-Asset Divorce

Dividing marital property following divorce is a complex and emotional process under any circumstances. When a couple holds sophisticated assets such as investment real estate, vacation property, a small business or multiple retirement accounts, the process can be even more vexing.

Working with a family law attorney who has extensive experience in dividing complex marital estates can help the process move smoothly. For starters, your lawyer should have the resources to accurately value complex assets and insights on how to equitably divide them.

It is important to consider all tax consequences before agreeing to any division of marital property. I will always take the time to explain your options and the implications of any agreement before it is approved.

I am Rebecca E. Rogers, a family law attorney with more than a decade of experience in Massachusetts. My practice is entirely focused on family law matters. I have helped a number of high net worth individuals navigate the complex matters surrounding property division.

Access To Resources That Will Ensure Accuracy

When necessary, I work closely with tax specialists, business valuators, real estate appraisers and forensic accountants to properly value assets. Sometimes, there is a concern that a spouse may be hiding assets or deferring income. I take measures to gain access to all financial records.

I have experience with a wide array of assets, including:

  • Family businesses
  • Partnerships and partial ownership of professional practices
  • Retirement accounts and pension plans
  • Investment real estate
  • Vacation homes
  • Collectibles and antiques
  • Undeveloped property

If one party brought substantial assets into the marriage, there may have been a premarital agreement. I will review that to determine whether those assets are properly protected.

If you have questions regarding complex property division or any other family law concern, call or email me to schedule a consultation. I will review the facts of your case, provide a candid assessment and recommend the best course of action. For your convenience, I have offices in Lynnfield and North Reading.