Life Changes May Be Reason To Modify An Original Court Order

Experienced Legal Guidance On Modifications And Enforcement Issues

The terms of a divorce decree are legal and binding. However, because life changes occur after a divorce or the end of a nonmarital relationship, it is often necessary to seek modifications to existing court orders. Massachusetts law allows individuals to seek modification to:

I am family law attorney Rebecca E. Rogers, and I help individuals pursue and defend against modifications of prior orders. I have helped clients with the full spectrum of family law issues since 2003. I work with individuals throughout Essex and Middlesex counties and the surrounding counties from offices in Lynnfield and North Reading.

What Qualifies As A Valid Reason To Modify An Existing Order?

Massachusetts courts require that a person have a material change of circumstances in order to modify an existing order. Examples of life events that may warrant a modification include the relocation of either parent, a change in employment, changes in financial obligations or significant changes to a child's needs.

I also advocate for individuals when a party is violating the terms of a court order. If you are not receiving support that your child's other parent was ordered to pay, or if your child's other parent is failing to provide access to your child or not following a parenting plan, steps can be taken to enforce those orders. I have experience prosecuting and defending enforcement cases.

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