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The structure and definition of the American family today is changing. Many times couples decide to have children outside of marriage. If problems arise regarding the children and the corresponding legal rights of both the mother and the father, sometimes a Complaint to Establish Paternity or a Complaint for Custody, Support, Visitation is necessary. I am Rebecca E. Rogers, and I can help you in your quest to prove or disprove paternity, or obtain court orders or judgments regarding custody and visitation rights for either parent in paternity cases, and does so with respect and understanding.

Typically, people find themselves in need of a North Reading paternity lawyer for one of two reasons:

  • A mother is the custodial parent of a child and restricts the father's parenting time. In this case, the father needs to prove his legal rights as a parent by confirming paternity. Without proof of paternity, and a subsequent court order, a father cannot be guaranteed consistent parenting time or be involved in major life decisions regarding the child. If this is your situation, contact me today.
  • An unmarried mother is presumed to be the custodial parent of a child, and needs to prove the father's paternity or have the father acknowledge paternity in order to collect child support. If the presumed father is not legally proven to be the biological father or acknowledge that he is the biological father, the mother may not be able to collect child support.

Proving Paternity in Massachusetts

There are several ways to prove paternity in Massachusetts, but the laws are complex and can be confusing. For an experienced, dedicated and supportive paternity lawyer, contact me today.

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