Prenuptial And Postnuptial Agreements Will Protect Your Assets

In law, as in other facets of life, prevention is frequently much more affordable than fixing problems later. One example is having the foresight to create a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. I am attorney Rebecca E. Rogers, and I help individuals proactively protect their assets and eliminate potentially expensive disputes by drafting prenuptial or postnuptial agreements.

A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is a binding contract between an engaged or married couple that defines in advance how personal property will be divided, or not divided in many cases, in the event that the marriage ends.

You may not address issues regarding child support in a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

While some fear that creating a prenuptial agreement indicates a lack of faith in the staying power of a marriage, there is little doubt that these agreements often prove to be a sound investment if one or both parties are bringing significant assets into the marriage.

What A Prenuptial Agreement Can Accomplish

I have practiced family law for more than 10 years. I started my own firm in 2007 in order to provide personalized service to clients. t. I will take the time to carefully analyze your situation and create an agreement that suits your needs.

A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can address a number of issues, including:

  • Financial responsibilities during the marriage — You may wish to spell out how bank accounts will be structured, who will be responsible for what bills, how credit cards can be issued or other financial concerns.
  • Property rights — Your agreement can spell out who retains the right to a home or any other real estate, and what financial responsibility each party has if the marriage ends.
  • Inheritance for children from a previous marriage — You can ensure that children from a previous marriage inherit their share of your assets upon your death.
  • Business ownership issues — You may wish to elaborate on ownership or succession plans regarding a family business or how a business will be treated in the event of a divorce.
  • How gifts, inheritance or trusts will be handled — There may be an heirloom you wish to keep in your birth family.

I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you have about prenuptial and postnuptial agreements during a free consultation. Contact me to schedule an appointment. I work with clients throughout Essex and Middlesex counties and all surrounding counties from offices in Lynnfield and North Reading. You are assured of working with an experienced lawyer who will take the time to fully understand your needs.